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  • How to place an order for your own barn quilt​?

Click on Barn Quilts for Books order form.
Download form and mail with a check to the address as listed on the form.
Email Martha Dillard at the address above with questions.

  • Where to find a pattern? 

 Most people look on the internet or at home among the family quilts.​ You need to provide a clear image. A small design will be painted for your approval before painting the barn quilt. Martha Dillard is the painter and can help you find just the right size and design. You can go to to see the images she has collected there. 

  • How long does it take to paint one?

 ​It takes about 6-8 weeks after a pattern is chosen, mainly because the paint needs to cure for 30  days after it is painted.

  • Who installs? 

 The buyer picks up the panel from Martha's studio and installs it. 

  • How much does it cost?

    • 2' x 2' is $125 

    • 3' x 3' is $200

    • 4' x 4' is $250

    • difficult patterns may incur a $50 design fee 

    • The price of a barn quilt covers expenses and the rest is a donation to the non-profit Craig County Library.

  • Can it be shipped? 

 ​Only 2' and 3' barn quilts can be shipped. Your cost depends on distance and size.

 Frequently Asked Questions

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